Asset Management

Why Risk Managing It Yourself

Your most important investment is what we know best!

The need to have your property managed by a Professional Management team is more important than ever.

Why not choose a trusted well known agency that is a member of the REI Real Estate Institute.

As you are aware 'Commercial, Industrial & retail' leases are very different to residential format. Prepared by solicitors, these documents vary in many ways although are very similar in that they contain complex rules and conditions relating to the way each individual property be handled and exactly what party is responsible for what.

The most important is to:

  • Interpret terms in the lease contract
  • Meet deadlines noted in the contract
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Accountancy and outgoings budget

Record keeping means that an immense responsibility is placed on whoever manages the property to thoroughly understand and comply with legal documentation as well as having a good working and liaising relationships with all tenants.

Failure to comply can be costly.

Commercial Property Group’s asset management team are always thoroughly informed and fully trained in all aspects of the relevant legislation & attend seminars on a regular basis. We have over 70 combined years experience in the field.

We offer our clients a great package that does not restrict the promotion of your investment property to one office.

Each month we prepare and forward you a detailed statement for your particular property, all incoming and outgoing disbursements are detailed.  Your rent money is automatically deposited into a nominated bank account or if you wish forwarded onto you with a cheque.
At the end of each financial year we forward you a "financial Statement”, detailing the income and expenditure for each particular property for your taxation purposes

It is our duty as asset  manages to ensure that the tenant are well informed as to what is expected from them under the commercial lease agreement, from ground maintenance, strata title laws, to payment of rent and the behaviour of their guests. We manage the tenant for you to ensure that the property is well cared for & looked after at all times.

We have a reliable team of maintenance people on stand by 24/7 to carry out any repairs that are necessary (Or you may choose to use your own). We monitor all repairs closely and action is taken according to your instruction. Complete records are kept of all repairs and maintenance for future reference. All repairs are paid for by rental monies held in trust and full details are printed on your monthly statement. Each month we forward you a copy of the invoice for any work carried out on the premises (If any).

We ensure that you receive the full market rent for your property. Every 12 months we assess the rental on your property by, the quality of the tenant, the length of their tenancy and most importantly what is stated in their lease.

We provide a daily arrears lists which is acted upon immediately. Tenants in arrears are contacted and followed by written instructions to rectify their rental arrears. A warning is issued explaining that if they fail to pay they will be served with a notice to quit, which gives them 7 days to pay or get locked out. This method usually is an incentive to get most tenants to pay their rent. However, should this warning fail to bring results we contact you to discuss the matter as to further termination proceedings.

We ensure that all the legal requirements under the various pieces of government legislation are complied with and that the commercial lease agreement prepared by us or a solicitor is legally correct.

We arrange & prepare all the necessary documentation and arrange all parties to sign for the Commercial lease Agreement and lodgements of their bonds / bank guarantees.