Elissa Micallef


Elissa joined the CPG South-West team in March 2021. Elissa is a qualified accountant with over 25 years of professional experience working for corporate and private industry. Elissa has extensive experience and capability in finance, accounting, internal audit, software development and systems and process management.

Elissa spent 12 years at Qantas, starting in finance and internal auditing and moving into marketing as a Systems and Process Manager. Elissa discovered her passion for systems and processes working for Qantas, and came to understand how crucial they are for businesses to operate efficiently and to enable staff to achieve high levels of customer service. Elissa enjoys the challenge of working with people to find innovative solutions for operational problems, and with her natural instincts for sound strategy, finance and a risk-based approach, Elissa has delivered a number of successful high value projects.

With Elissa’s professional capabilities, along with her enthusiasm and dedication for supporting both CPG customers and staff alike, CPG regards Elissa as a valuable team member.

Elissa’s passions outside of work include alternative medicine, organic gardening and helping to protect our natural environment.