Our services are completely end-to-end, and include:

Monthly acccounting

We will prepare a monthly statement outlining all incoming and outgoing disbursements. Your rental income will also be deposited directly into your nominated account with the option to generate statements for taxation purposes.

Tenant management

We will liaise with the tenant regarding all aspects of the agreement and ensure that your property is well looked after at all times.


We have a reliable team that can carry out necessary repairs, 24/7.

Rental reviews

Every 12 months we will assess the rental of your property and negotiate any renewal or termination arrangements.

Arrears monitoring

We have an efficient system in place to track arrears promptly to avoid lengthy payment delays and other issues.

Lease agreement preparation

Our team can arrange and prepare all the necessary documentation for a Commercial Lease Agreement as well as coordinate all parties to sign and lodge bonds/bank guarantees.