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Jason Cursley

Sales & Leasing

Jason Cursley brings a wealth of experience to CPG. Experience in high-performing team environments and a knack for business development, he’s bringing the best of both worlds to our group.  With a career marked by academic achievements, Jason is a dedicated professional who thrives in dynamic team environments while also excelling at building and developing businesses.

Jason’s expertise extends to anything in the local market that benefits local commercial property owners and businesses. He’s driven by a commitment to helping clients find value in their assets and negotiating the best possible deals that align with vendors’ primary goals.

Throughout his career, Jason has achieved notable success by assisting clients in building their portfolios of businesses. His intimate knowledge of the market enables him to connect the right vendors with clients, achieving results that benefit everyone involved.

Jason is best described at work as eager to learn, happy to help, a team player, and a critical thinker. These qualities make him a valuable asset to his team and clients alike.

What makes Jason passionate about his job is the opportunity to help clients find value in their assets and negotiate deals that fulfill vendors’ main goals. He relishes the diverse array of personalities he encounters within the commercial property space, from hardworking blue-collar individuals who have funded their commercial properties through business success to savvy investors.

Outside of work, Jason focuses on family and community engagement. He actively coaches his children’s sports teams and contributes to community initiatives, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the office.

In addition to his professional achievements, Jason has had articles published in industry magazines, highlighting his expertise in the field. He has also earned the distinction of being a preferred supplier to a top-tier franchise group.

Jason Cursley’s dedication to excellence in the commercial real estate industry, coupled with his strong community involvement, makes him a well-rounded and valuable member of the team, bringing a unique blend of skills and passion to his role.