Moriah Hope

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Moriah Hope


Moriah Hope is a dedicated and motivated professional who is committed to furthering her expertise within the commercial real estate sector.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, with a major in Economics and Finance, Moriah is building strong foundations directly applicable to her commercial real estate career such as assessing the economic and financial factors that impact the real estate market.

Moriah’s career in the commercial real estate industry had its beginnings in residential real estate, serving as her initial steppingstone into the world of real estate. However, her long-term vision led her to transition into commercial real estate, where she aspires to make a significant impact here at CPG.

Moriah is known in the workplace for her friendly, kind, and helpful nature. These qualities make her an asset to her team and a valuable collaborator. Her passion for her job is fuelled by the constant opportunity to learn and grow, interact with diverse clients, and thrive in the positive atmosphere of her office.

One of Moriah’s favourite aspects of her role is the opportunity to be on the road, meeting clients face-to-face, and building meaningful relationships. She also cherishes the inclusive culture within her office, where teamwork, assistance, and camaraderie are integral to her daily experience.

Outside of work, Moriah takes pride in her entrepreneurial spirit and personal accomplishments. Moriah has successfully created and manages her own e-commerce business, specialising in home décor. This achievement underscores her commitment to diverse endeavours and showcases her dedication to personal growth and success.