52 Allingham Street, CONDELL PARK
Price: $250,000.00 PA Net +GST

Property Size: 1362m2

Land Area: 1932m2

Availability: Available

* Condell Park is strategically located in the south-western suburbs of Sydney, providing easy access to major transportation routes such as the M5 Motorway. This location can be beneficial for businesses needing to distribute products or services throughout Sydney and beyond

* The area hosts a mix of industrial and commercial businesses, making it an attractive location for companies in the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and distribution sectors. This concentration of similar businesses can lead to synergies and networking opportunities.

* Condell Park benefits from well-developed infrastructure, including access to utilities, transportation, and communication networks.

* Local governments and business organizations often provide support and incentives for businesses to establish or expand operations in the area. This can include assistance with permits, regulations, and access to funding or grants.

* Compared to central business districts, industrial and commercial properties in areas like Condell Park is more affordable, providing cost savings for businesses. Condell Park is relatively close to Port Botany and Sydney Airport, facilitating import/export activities and international business operations.

* This State of the art joinery factory with Highest quality machinery that could be included in the right deal. The full brick Industrial building offers a level driveway which makes easy loading and unloading of products possible.

* The building has a high power supply (400Amps), a Gas supply, and 11 car spaces on site.

*It also offers ground floor office space (no stairs to climb) plenty of amenities, quality fit out in the office, and more

* It can either be offered as a walk-in walk-out joinery business or as a for lease empty so you can use it for whichever industry you are in.

Contact exclusive agent to arrange an inspection;
Matthew McHardy
0450 440 799